An instant capture DSLR
(Bayer Array) sensor used
in the Nikon DX series.
A Kodak
Tri-Linear sensor
used in Better Light scanning backs.
Specialized photographic imaging (especially panoramic, and wide-angle applications) may require intense post-capture processing in order to achieve the desired results. This processing can have a destructive affect on image quality, so it is imperative that the raw image data be of the highest quality right from the start; this begins with the image capture method.

The digital capture devices I use can be placed into two categories: scanning-type ( tri-linear sensor) for still-life applications, and instant capture-type (Bayer Array sensor) for moving subjects. In overlapping applications, either device can be used successfully within limits.

If the image use is straight forward (small digital output, or Web use), a quality comparison between the output of the two devices may show little difference. On-the-other-hand, if the raw image requires intense post-processing, or needs to maintain image quality over many output devices and output sizes, a comparison between the two may show significant differences.