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The Basics
Generally, images made with a view-camera, having an image area of 4 inches x 5 inches or larger are considered "large-format." A view-camera may sometimes be described as the big, old-fashion cameras used in the Civil War; in fact, the design has changed very little since that time. It is basically a flexible box with a lens in the front and a sheet-film holder in the back.

As simple as it may seem, the view-camera allows for ultimate control. The camera's front and back planes can be adjusted, giving the photographer the ability to correct perspective, reduce distortion, and to optimize the depth-of-field for greater apparent sharpness of the subject.

Large-format photography is not easy: the equipment is bulky and time consuming to set-up and use. Still, when complete control over the image is required, the view-camera is the only choice; maybe that's why its been around so long.
My 4x5 Arca-Swiss
view-camera with
wide-angle bellows and lens.