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The Basics
aka: DSLR -utilizes a sensor designed to instantly capture color image using shutter-speeds similar to 35mm film cameras. Most pro-grade cameras use high-quality optics. Generally, the sensors range in resolution from about 6-16 megapixels, but most only record a single color at each pixel location, requiring interpolation to create the missing colors. It is generally agreed that the image quality of the best DSLRs -using quality optics- surpasses 35mm film.
My Nikkor 8mm AIS Fisheye
lens is an example of the extraordinary specialized
optics available.
DSLRs are indispensable in commercial work. Fast and portable, they save the day when large-format is overkill. Used properly, they can produce images with excellent quality. But, even the highest-resolution DSLR can easily exceed its limit. Because most sensors record only one color at each pixel location, color offset and artifacts are likely. Additionally, image cropping -for final aspect ratio- can quickly erode much of the available resolution. Still, in the right situations, the DSLR is the only tool for the job.