Despite rapid advances, processor speed
was always the bottleneck in the early days
of digital photography :-)
The debate over whether or not digital was ready for the professional market ended for me in 1999. That was the year
I purchased a Better Light large-format scanning back. Now, I'm not going to proclaim that film is dead, or that other digital methods are inferior; each is a tool that finds its strength at certain times and certain places. That being said: large-format digital is pretty amazing.

It's true that large-format photography is not easy, and digital doesn't make it any easier. But, the flexibility that high-quality digital allows, opens the door to boundless creativity -in both the artistic sense and the problem-solving sense. The quality? Well... I learned photography shooting 4x5 chrome film, so much of my experience is based on film, not digital, and I find large-format digital to be superior to film in almost every way.
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