Any discussion of digital photography first requires a clarification: photography is photography. Whether you shoot film or digital, the core skills and techniques are the same. Granted, the tools may work differently, but they are designed to do the same thing: create photographs. Digital photography and traditional film photography share the same roots, and much of what digital has to offer is solidly based on film techniques. Digital photography is simply a different way of working, and a new way of thinking.

However, in today's environment, digital is far better suited to the need of the professional than is film. From a production stand-point: the digital workflow is far faster than film's; from a quality stand-point: digital has matched film's quality and offers precision and repeatability that is difficult with film; finally, from a creative stand-point: digital's speed and precision allow experimentation that would be far too time consuming with film. Together, these digital advantages pave the way for the development of new creative and problem-solving techniques, serving both the photographer and client by providing greater options and better quality in less time.