Once-upon-a-time, photographs were created
by exposing goo-coated polyester to light. In those primitive times there was no "digital," and there was no "Photoshop."

We've come a long way since those dark days, but we must consider that much of what Photoshop allows us to take for granted is based on the traditional methods developed so very long ago. In fact, if you look at Photoshop closely, you might notice some terms that originated in that by-gone era: "posterization," "unsharp-masking," and others. Indeed, in the ancient times, practitioners used these methods -along with pin-registration, duping-film, and the dreaded CC filters- to create in weeks what is now possible to finish before lunch. Oh well... it made us stronger, it made us better, it made us learn Photoshop... quickly.

Here are a few examples from the old days that add to my appreciation of Photoshop every single time I look at them.