Full prep and layout services for publication via offset printing. Photographs are color separated to specs composed with text and graphic elements, proofed, and output according to the publisher's specifications into the required file format, ready for delivery.
Drum-scanning of film and and prints to be include into an existing project, or delivered to the client on disk. Scanning is done to the client's requested specifications, color-managed, and include basic retouching of dust and scratches on the original film or print images.
Preparation for various other Applications:
Preparation is available for a wide variety of output options including: Quick Time VR, Web site usage, CD / DVD duplication and replication, Fine Art-reproduction printing, trade show display imaging, and much more. Preparation is done in consultation with the output provider, and in accordance with their specifications.
Multiple photographic images and graphic elements can be combined in a limitless number of ways to create sophisticated composite layouts for almost any use. Retouching services range from simple corrections to complicated image reconstruction.
Digital Composites & Retouching:
Ad Layout & Prep: