Trade Show Display :
A wide variety of output options are available for trade show graphics, including: coated paper, vinyl, back lighted film, front-surface film, and more. Printing is available for in-house photo projects or customer supplied files. Color-managed output is planned in advance for the intended finishing options to assure comparability and color consistency. Printing can be single piece output, or sectional output tailored for specific display devices.
Other Applications:
There are more applications for digital printing than can be listed. If you have a specific need, please call and ask. From time to time (depending on schedule) hand-coated silver prints are available. Digital files are output to film and contact printed on cotton art papers hand-coated with silver/Iron emulsions made from scratch.
From scanned art, or customer supplied files. A high level of attention is paid to the prep of the printing file -including custom color management profiles and manual color separation of each image- to assure a close color match between the print and the original. A variety of cotton/rag based papers and canvases are available in different surfaces and weights; Epson Ultra Chrome inks are used for printing, and possess archival comparability with the paper selections. Printing can be on either sheet-cut paper or rolls with a width up to 44 inches; length is virtually unlimited.
Fine Art Reproduction: