Fine Art Reproduction Photography:
Interior and exterior architectural photography. Specialized approaches for difficult locations including: ultra-wide angle and panoramic photography, and HDR solutions for extreme lighting conditions and contrast. Projects can be scheduled for both day and night shooting, or weekend shooting, as needed.
Large-format art-reproduction photography using Better Light equipment for extremely accurate, high-resolution files for printing. Solutions include: repro-specific lenses, controlled lighting, and customized color-management. Available in the studio or on location.
Panoramic Photography & Applications:
Specialized large-format panoramic photography. High resolution capture ideal for large-format printing, and full-screen QTVR applications. Panoramic photography can also be extremely useful as a problem solving tool for main stream applications including architectural photography.
Large-format and small-format, color-managed digital photography with multi-use flexibility including: offset publications, electronic distribution, web site display, trade show displays, and large-format digital printing. Available in the studio or on location.
Product Advertising Photography:
Architectural Photography: